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18 December 2009

BACO Threaded Rods

If we wants to build high quality construction,of course we need a high quality materials to build it.Maybe for some people,choosing a company that provides a high quality materials.Especially a little materials like threaded rods, bent U-bolts, foundation bolts, square bends,etc.

Created through our expert steel fabrication process, BACO offers a complete selection of threaded rods. Designed to be threaded along their length, the direction of the threads dictate their performance within the application. Right hand threads are typically used in common tightening and fastening applications, while left head threads are used in vibration dampening and locking settings. Dual threaded rods are also available for specialized assemblies

BACO also provides complete anchoring systems, tools, rigging and a wide range of components. Contact BACO's with your questions and specifics and BACO will provide you with the components best suited to your requirements. Next day delivery is available for New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts, Long Island, lower NY State and the New York Metro area.

So if you need a high quality materials to your construction,BACO is good choice.


imelda on June 29, 2010 at 9:00 PM said...

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